Introductions: Assignment A

Overview and objectives

The course will be very collaborative and highly interdisciplinary. Students from all over the CMU campus will be involved. So, it’s important we get to know each other, as well as the backgrounds, goals, the skills and interests each of us have. This project will challenge you to:

  • Clearly communicate your skills and interests to other participants of the course;
  • Develop an understanding the skills and abilities of potential collaborators in the course and how they compliment your skills.
  • Develop an understanding of the range of disciplines and interests in the class, as well as how they contribute to exploring technology mediated memory!

The goal of this exercise will be introduce yourself to the other students in the course with a 1-minute video.

‘What excites you or scares you about digital memory?’


Produce a 1-minute video that:

  1. Briefly introduces you to the rest of the class, and;

  2. Discusses the prompt above and explores your hopes, desires or fears for the future of technology mediated memory?

Submitting your work:

  1. Upload your video to Vimeo (hard requirement)

  2. Post the video to the #introductions channel on slack.

  3. We’ll compile the videos into a playlist for the group to be viewed in our class.


When preparing your video, below are some questions you might think about:

  1. Who are you and what’s your background? How might this be different or similar to others in the class?

  2. What’s an example of something you’ve made/analyzed/explored that relates to this class?

  3. What are your unique skills that will help you prototyping digital memories: smart objects, intelligent spaces or mobile tools that could help support digital memory?

  4. What are the images/ideas/concepts about memory that you love?

  5. What is the strangest idea/theory/concept about memory?

  6. Why should (or shouldn’t) we remember everything?

  7. Would you record your entire life if given the chance?

Preparing a Video a.k.a How do I this?

You can sketch it, draw it, design it, record it, rip and edit it, or combine all these mediums, in a way that creates a compelling video.

Capturing Video:

  • Your smartphone is an awesome video camera or use the webcam in your laptop/tablet!

  • DSLRs are available from the IDeATe Lending pool (Hunt Basement) and have video recording capabilities. There’s also some Yeti USB mic’s for doing voice overs.