Throughout the course, invited guests will join to provide perspectives on the possibilities, current explorations, new technologies and exciting approaches to building connected and technology-mediated memory.

Laurie Frick

Thursday, January 26th

Laurie Frick is a data artist exploring the bumpy future of data captured about us. We’re halfway thru the decade when humans shift from mysterious beings - to big data algorithms, where everything about us will be known. Rather than worry, Frick envisions a time when personal data is a unique glimpse into our hidden personality. Patterns of behavior will become patterned artworks and the mass of data will predict our lives.

Will it backfire? Our movements, choices, health - even the food we ingest will be anticipated. How will it feel when self-delusion and forgetting become impossible? Using her background in high-technology Frick creates physical works that imagine this completely wired ‘data-selfie’ future.